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The Advantages of Rotomolding Box Production Process

Issuing time:2021-12-03 11:03:31

1. The structure of the equipment and mold is simple


   During the molding process of the rotomolding box, the equipment and mold do not need to bear the effect of huge external force. Therefore, the structure is relatively simple. Not only the price of equipment and mold is cheap, but it also has the advantages of short production cycle and small one-time investment.


2. suitable for the production of large and super large rotomolding boxes


  During the molding process, the mold bears little pressure, and large rotomolding molds can be easily made by sheet metal work and other methods. Theoretically, there is no restriction on the size of the rotomolding box, so it is particularly suitable for the production of large and extra-large products.


3. Hollow rotomolding box with complex molding structure and fine surface texture


  Rotational molding completes the molding of plastic products through material coating, and can produce hollow products with complex structures and repeatability of textures. Therefore, it is suitable for the production of toys, medical models and other products.


4. Rotomolding process has strong production flexibility


   As mentioned above, the rotomolding mold is very simple and easy to manufacture, and rotomolding can simultaneously mold many different products on the same rotating mold base. It also has the feature of convenient product replacement. In addition, it also has the advantages of easy replacement of colors and formulas (no excessive materials to be processed), so it is suitable for the production of multiple varieties and small batches of products.


5. Conducive to saving materials


   When rotational molding is used, the material in the mold is gradually applied to the surface of the cavity of the mold to form, and there is no reflow material such as gate flash. The Beijing military rotomolding box has low residual stress, uniform wall thickness, and a slightly larger wall thickness at the corners. When used as a container, it can give full play to the function of the material. Its advantages of saving materials have been universally recognized by the industry.


6. It is convenient to make composite products such as multi-layer containers


  It is possible to conveniently make multi-layered plastic products through the step-by-step feeding method; you can also try to make rotomolding materials tightly adhere to the inner cavity of the metal products to form a metal/plastic composite product.


7. Plastic products can be made directly from plastic monomers


  Under the protection of inert gas, the polymerization and molding of nylon monomer can be completed at the same time during rotomolding, and products with excellent performance can be obtained. The industrialization of this technology not only simplifies the polymerization process, but also significantly reduces production costs.

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